The best digital antenna on the market

Digital Antennas
If you have a television, you’ll need an antenna to watch it and a quality antenna can determine whether you enjoy perfect picture and audio, or you’re left frustrated and shaking the TV. How do you know which is the best antenna to buy on the market? Hills and Fracarro are two brands we sell and install here at RYVE Audio Visual, and both are highly regarded for their reliability and performance. Everyone in metropolitan Melbourne can receive excellent broadcast quality TV services, so long as they have a quality antenna installed correctly. If you don’t have good TV reception, it could because of a cheap or poor quality antenna on your roof. It’s also possible that it’s been incorrectly installed, or badly maintained. When choosing an antenna it’s important to determine the signal strength and coverage for the area, our team can determine this very quickly for you. Other things to consider: 1) Locale In Victoria, the frequencies used are within, VHF Band III for VHF channels 6 to 12 and UHF Band IV & V for UHF channels 28 to 51. Antennas are always location specific. 2) Interference Another factor to consider is the ability for the antenna to minimise the reception of unwanted signals. This could be from poor weather or even other radio interference. At RYVE we only use the highest quality products on the market for all our equipment needs. For antennas, we choose to use Hills and Fracarro antennas. Both Hills and Fracarro are known for their quality and reliability, purchase a Hills or Fracarro antenna from our online store today. The Benefits of Hills Hills is a major manufacturer and supplier of antennas. They’ve been in business for over 50 years, and also operate in New Zealand. They aim to provide equipment that provides for low energy consumption. Their range of antennas includes UHF, VHF, and combined antennas. They also provide all the necessary accessories for installation. The Benefits of Fraccarro Fracarro is a high-quality Italian manufacturer and supplier of antennas and RF equipment, and a brand renowned for its innovation and technology. Fracarro antennas do well in Australian weather conditions. The RYVE team have been using Fracarro as a supplier of antennas for over 15 years. Although made in Italy, Fracarro antennas are tuned to receive Australian frequencies and are leaders in delivering top quality reception. Along with our Australian Made Hills antennas, either make a perfect fit for our Aussie conditions. Should you want further help or information about Hills or Fracarro antennas, contact the RYVE team today for a chat. Alternatively, purchase a Hills or Fracarro antenna from our online store or call for free delivery across Melbourne. The Ryve team are audiovisual and antenna installation and repair professionals who service all of Melbourne and parts of regional Victoria. Since 2002, Ryve have been installing home theatre systemsCCTVhome securitynetworking and internet, Wi-Fi, antennaspre-wiring of homes and installation of audio/visual equipment. In recent years the team have become leading experts in home automation and pre-wire across Melbourne and southeastern suburbs including Ringwood, Croydon, Ferntree Gully, Glen Waverley, Box Hill and more. Contact us today to help you with all your audio visual and antenna needs.