UniFi SDN Hosting Subscription

For all of our clients who utilise UniFi throughout their homes or businesses, we offer an annual subscription to our Hosted SDN Service. This is an optional add-on for peace-of-mind to ensure that your system runs smoothly. We have outlined below what is included in this service.

Software Updates:
We run test servers and networks to ensure that software updates provided for the UniFi components are dependable and proven in the field before deploying to your system (typically) overnight. These updates often just include new features and other “nice to have” developments. We release these to all of our users about two to four weeks after they are publicly released.

Security related updates are field tested for one week before deployment out to all of our Hosting Subscribers. The world has seen a gradual rise in the number of “Zero Day” exploits on Internet routers and appliances. We remotely apply these software updates to ensure your network is not vulnerable to these sorts of potentially serious issues.

General Monitoring:
We can remotely perform checks on the overall UniFi network health and have one of our experienced technicians investigate any connectivity issues. If we determine there is a faulty component, we can often get a replacement unit pre-configured before we attend your site.

Cloud Server:
The controller or configuration if you like, is hosed on our secure cloud server. The costs of this hosting and cloud server are all included in our annual subscription service.

We take daily backups of our Cloud Controllers. This means that in the event your network is physically damaged, we will always have a recent configuration of your network that we can easily restore on to replacement hardware. Please note these are backups of your network settings, and no personal data can be stored or accessed.

Remote Assistance:
While we do not have full access to your entire network and devices, the SDN service allows us to do all sorts of remotely, which would otherwise require a technician on site.

As an example, we can remotely:

  • Change your Wi-Fi Password if you lose or forget them
  • Update Guest Portal settings
  • Perfom Speed tests
  • Look at connectivity issues to devices or determine if something is unplugged or faulty

When remote support is required to rectify a connectivity issue, we will still charge for remote support, however choosing our UniFi Hosting SDN subscription is still the more affordable option and issues can be resolved more efficiently as there is little downtime waiting for an available technician.

What would happen if you want to end your UniFi Hosted SDN Service?
They System will function as per normal, however it will remain on its current firmware/software version. We will no longer have access to monitor your site or notify you of any issues, and any further services or security updates that are required on your network will require an on site visit by a technician. 

Have a reliable WiFi network installed at your home or business

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