AV Cabinets

Balancing aesthetically pleasing audio-visual deployments can be tricky when there is no fixed cupboard area to locate the equipment.

A high-quality AV cabinet design as part of an overall project is a great option for those with an
open space or lack of in-wall storage for the equipment.


Many AV Media racks are eyesores, and not something you would locate in an open space. Wireless speakers and portable speakers are certainly on the improve, but there is still no substitute for a high quality, hard wired HiFi system.

Working with you to ensure a seamless technology experience that also looks amazing is part and parcel of a project when working with Ryve in an existing space. We can work with you to design the ultimate AV Cabinet deployment (if required) to balance the look, the feel, and the sound.

Or, if you know what you’re looking for already. Check out our Shop to see the latest models of AV Cabinets in Australia, with direct shipping and amazing after-sale support should you need help.