When the cheaper quote is often the most expensive.

We come across poor workmanship all too often in our field. Often it follows cheap quotes.

The images below represent just a few examples of poor workmanship, when the installers don’t have the right tools to do the work or are rushing the job, leading to all sorts of problems which can often be time consuming to locate.

The image below shows the connector on the input is circular in shape in comparison with all the connectors which are hexagon in shape. This shows that the connector on the input has not been crimped like all the others allowing the cable to slide backwards as the connector is screwed in and therefore not making correct connection. 

Further examples below show connectors which have come off, as they were not compressed onto the cable as they should be. This type of workmanship that fails to terminate connectors correctly is all too common.

Since the start of the NBN rollout we have been kept busy correcting these problems, which could be avoided with the correct training and tools. We also come across these issues a lot when diagnosing issues with TV Antenna systems in homes.

No one likes slow internet speeds, right? Too often we find that cabling has been tied in the ceiling or under the house along with all the power cabling. This creates errors in the data packets being transmitted, the devices then drop the speed to try and combat the issue.

Over half of all jobs which we receive are jobs that had already been attempted by other parties. Thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel and here at RYVE we pride ourselves on being the final contractor to deliver the right result.

Keep this in mind when you next have a job quoted. How much of your time and effort do you want to invest in chasing people to fix issues that shouldn’t occur? Save yourself the headaches, frustration, time and money, give our friendly team a call.