Smart Home Installation

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Pre-wiring is the optimal foundation for a Smart Home

Smart wiring can turn an existing building into a smart home. Why choose us for your pre-wiring and smart wiring needs?

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Why Ryve Smart Home?

ACMA Licensed

ACMA is the regulator for all cabling in Australia. All cablers should hold a cabling license which is seperate to an electrical license. Our team are fully licensed.

Electricians don’t know AV

It is unfair to expect electricians to know everything about AV, data & security. They know electrical wiring and lighting, which is different from AV, data and security wiring, the wiring needed for smart home automation.

Save Costly Mistakes

Just one or two mistakes could easily exceed the cost of your wiring needs, comprehensive and great communication on design and installation will save you money and time.

Our pre-wire plan packages provide you with a custom quote and design​

Smart Pre-Wire

$ 1295

  • Pre-wiring quote
  • 1 revision
  • Device locations on house plans

Smart Wiring Checklist
Client must complete the checklist and provide house plans

Intelligent Pre-Wire

$ 1995

  • Pre-wiring quote
  • Equipment list
  • 2 revisions
  • Basic equipment chart
  • Device locations on house plans
  • Wiring design and schematic on house plans

Smart Wiring Checklist
Client must complete the checklist and provide house plans

Smart Pre-Wire - Device Locations 1
Smart Pre-Wire - Cabling Schematic

Save thousands by Pre-Wiring during your build!

Pre-wiring allows for integrated living and transforms your residence into a Smart Home. Pre-wiring is the optimal foundation for home automated technology, giving homeowners a new level of control.

Extend equipment life

Our pre-wiring process ensures your house design allows for optimal ventaliation; reducing the risk of over-heating and extending the life of your electronic equipment.

Future-proof your home

Pre-wiring ensures your home becomes versatile to whatever network requirements you may want in the future, or as your needs change.

No ugly wires!

Pre-wiring hides all cables and allows you to store equipment safely, and out of sight.

Live a connected life!

Enjoy seamless digital connectivity and optimal Wi-Fi in every area and room of your residence.

Entertainment and Security

Pre-wiring allows for the optimal enviroment for multi-room audio, entertainment and CCTV security systems.

Save $1000s!

Avoid the need for expensive wiring on a completed house by pre-wiring during the build.

Protect your paint job

Wiring an exisiting house is expensive and damages the paint and house finishes.

Resale value

Pre-wiring gives you or potential homeowners flexibility and more options for implementing anything and everything to do with home automation.

Home Automation

Home automation allows homeowners to have a new level on control over lighting, air conditioning, entertainment, security and more.