TV Installation

TV Installation

Would you like to hang your TV? Get that cable free look? or Need to connect all your devices to the TV?
You’d be surprised how much of a difference a wall mounted TV could make to your home or business look.

 Ryve can help you transform your lounge room or meeting room to the best TV-watching experience with no more uncomfortable points of view or oversized entertainment units. The secret of doing a proper TV wall mounting lies in choosing the right brackets while also taking into account the screen size and material of the wall, and with Ryve expertise it can’t go wrong. 

Why invest in a TV wall Mount?

  1.  Save much-needed storage Space: Installing a stationary or swivel TV wall mount would free up precious storage space. And in a bedroom or small office, where space is at a premium, a TV wall mount could be a viable option.
  2. Provide an Aesthetic appeal: You can say goodbye to messy cables and cords with a sleek wall mounted TV giving your home a more modern and upgraded look.
  3.  Increased Comfort: Placing the TV at the right angles with TV wall mounts not helps to reduce glare and reflection from lights and window but also provide you a better viewing point to enjoy your show with comfort.
  4. Improved Safety: Avoid the risk of TV tip-overs especially if you have small children or pets. Mounting your TV to the wall eliminates this danger, giving you additional peace of mind. 

Wall Mounted TV
Wall Mounted Samsung Frame TV
Outdoor Wall Mounted TV

Want to find out more?

Answer a few quick questions about your TV wall mounting job by clicking the button below and we’ll get in touch to assist with any further questions you may have or schedule your job.

We ask about the size of the TV to be wall mounted, if you’re supplying the bracket or not (we always have brackets in stock) and if you’d like us to connect devices to the TV as well.