RYVE offers an onsite quoting service for a charge of $300 which includes our Service Call Charge and up to 1 hour of our highly skilled and experienced technicians. The $300 quote fee is due at the time of booking and scheduling the site visit or at the end of the inspection via EFT.

In some instances, our Technicians may be able to resolve simple issues during this visit, in which case if any additional resources like parts are used, this will be invoiced separately. 

An onsite quote with one of our experienced Technicians is recommended if a scope of works has many variables, like existing hardware, devices or software. Plus our Technicians can access the infrastructure of the building and unique factors which contribute to the technology issues our clients are looking to have resolved.

After the onsite inspection our Technicians will put together a detailed quote and this will be emailed through to our client with a turnaround of 1 – 3 business day depending on the complexity. We are also happy to break the quote down in to stages or provide different options which the client can choose between and fits in to their budget.
The quote received will be set out as a package which includes: labour, installation, programming, parts and resource organisation to be able to deliver a seamless experience on time and of high quality.

When our Client is happy to accept a quote, we will then issue a partial invoice for the deposit which is 50% of the total job and detailed in the invoicing sections below.
Ryve will price match on a case-by-case basis and only if the quote given is itemised with sufficient detail like brand, product code, product description and price. We aim to go over and above for new and existing clients who request price matching, but we have found many other companies will either do one or more of the following:
  1. quote inferior products that will poorly meet the scope of works or expectations of the client,
  2. quote cheaper or imported hardware that will not be compatible with existing hardware and technology onsite,
  3. lower quality products from a known brand that will not serve the purpose needed,
  4. quote products that are cheaper but have long term maintenance costs that the client is unaware of,
  5. not quote items like cabling that is required for the hardware quoted as it is classified as ‘additional items’,
  6. not consider the infrastructure where works are to be completed. If incorrect or incompatible cabling, wiring or hardware is existing onsite, then the quote needs to reflect those additional items for the technology outcomes to be met.
Ryve aims to instead inform and educate a client based on their individual needs, scope and expectations. We approach each client with transparency by following the process of providing either an Estimate or Quote.


Once a quote has been accepted or if a job is booked directly (without obtaining a quote) a partial invoice is issued which is for 50% of the job total. Once payment has been received, this guarantees that the job will go ahead and all parts and resources required are ordered and scheduled. At this time we will also give our Client an estimated date to carry out the worked based on collating multiple parts from multiple suppliers across Australia, which can take a few weeks sometimes.

Our invoices include a Service Call Charge which is applied and if a clients job spans more than one day then there maybe multiple Service Call Charges applied as this covers, fuel, tolls, insurances, parking and our Technicians driving time.

The final invoice is issued at completion of the job and is payable then. Is some situations the final invoice may have additional parts or labour added, if for instance an unforeseen issue arose or if additional works were requested. In this instance, there is clean communication and approval sought from our Client.


  1. All works Ryve undertakes is to be done between 0730-1630 Monday to Friday, except Public Holidays.
  2. All service and installation works carry a 3 Year Warranty against faulty workmanship and materials for passive components. Active components are covered by a 1 Year Warranty only in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. Any refurbished items used in installation works carry a 3 Month Warranty. All refurbished items used in any works Ryve undertakes are thoroughly checked and tested by our specialists prior to being used onsite.
  4. Any refurbished parts will be noted on the Invoice as refurbished and used during stock shortages or if the client is looking to reduce costs.
  5. Any works undertaken by Ryve that requires programming and or configuration is subject to assessment. Ryve technicians aim to resolve technology concerns within the allocated scheduled time frame of jobs and aim to leave a site when these concerns are resolved. If further programming or IT support is required, a second visit may be required which will be charged in addition to the initial works. This is because additional resources will be needed to resolve client concerns.
  6. If any technology is modified or tampered with by the client or external parties after Ryve has completed works at a client site, then a further onsite visit will be charged. This is because additional resources will be needed to resolve client concerns.