Smart home devices: What do they do?

Smart home devices - What do they do - Ryve Blog

So, you’re aware of the term ‘smart home’ and are wanting to make your “dumb’ house smarter? The question is, why? What does a smart home actually do for you?

Essentially a smart home is a residence that uses internet-connected devices to enable the remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems, such as lighting and heating. This can also be called ‘home automation’.

Essentially it provides homeowners security, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency by allowing them to control their environment by using your phone or tablet. As part of the internet of things (IoT), smart home systems and devices operate together, automating actions based on the controller’s preferences.

Examples of smart home technologies

Nearly every aspect of life where technology has entered
the domestic space (lightbulbs, dishwashers and so on) has seen the introduction of a smart home alternative:

  • Smart TVs connect to the internet to stream content through applications, such as on-demand video and music. Some smart TVs also include voice or gesture recognition.
  • Smart lighting systems can detect when occupants are in the room and adjust lighting as needed.
  • Smart thermostats come with integrated Wi-Fi, allowing homeowners to schedule and remotely control home temperatures. These devices also learn homeowners’ behaviors and automatically modify settings to provide residents with maximum comfort and efficiency, and that’s
    smart. Smart thermostats can also report energy use and remind users to change filters and other updates.
  • Using smart locks and garage-door openers, users can grant or deny access to visitors. Smart locks can also detect when residents are near and unlock the doors for them.
  • With smart security cameras, homeowners can monitor their homes when they are away. Motion sensors are able to identify the difference between residents, visitors, pets and burglars, and can notify authorities if suspicious behaviour is detected.
  • Pet care can be automated with connected feeders. Houseplants and lawns can be watered by way of connected timers.
  • Kitchen appliances of all sorts (including smart coffee makers that can brew you a fresh cup as soon as your alarm goes off!), and smart refrigerators (keep track of expiration dates, make shopping lists or even create recipes based on ingredients currently on hand) are becoming very popular. Then there’s slow cookers and toasters; and, in the laundry room, washing machines and dryers ect.
  • Household system monitors may, for example, sense an electric surge and turn off appliances or sense water failures or freezing pipes and turn off the water so there isn’t a flood or damage to your home.

The above are just some examples of some smart home appliances, and from this list you can imagine the comfort and convenience of living in a smart home. Contact the Ryve team today to explore how we may help you live in a smart home, or check out our smart homepage for more information.

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