NBN & Home Network

The primary reason for launching this nationwide NBN project is to provide both homes and businesses with a fast-paced internet facility as a replacement for old and outdated internet services.

If you have not received the notification already about the availability of NBN in your area, you can manually check it online. Meanwhile, you can get your home or business ready for the NBN by comparing different service providers, the many different service plans, and getting the right equipment for an optimal experience in your home or business.

To become a part of the fast future on the internet world, you need to get started with equipment requirements and the technical expertise to get everything ready for using the Wi-Fi service without any hassle. Some of the things that you may need to consider are:

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How to get started with the NBN?

Getting started with NBN or home Wi-Fi is quite effortless. Here is a guide for your ease:

Understand the connection type

There are several types possible, such as fiber to the premises, fiber to the node, fixed wireless, etc. and you need to ensure you have the appropriate equipment to connect to the NBN.

Select the plan

Select the desired speed and pricing plan according to your digital needs. There are many options to choose from, and you can select the one that matches the requirements of speed, data requirements and quality of service.

Get the right equipment

Selecting the correct NBN compatible modem is one of the crucial elements to ensure a smooth transition from old infrastructure to NBN without any hassle. Our technical experts can guide through the selection process to make sure you get maximum performance at an affordable price.

Get post-installation help

The experience of seamless internet experience starts post-installation with physical wiring, modem and wireless. The troubleshooting, coverage, and networking issues may need more technical help than all previous steps and typically the Internet Service Provider will not help with this. Be it related to Wi-Fi booster, Wi-Fi extender, NBN repair or maintenance, our expert technicians can help with all.

What we do

Ryve is your one-stop solution to all NBN and home Wi-Fi related installation and problem resolution. Having a poor performing internet connection after spending a lot of time and money can be frustrating. We ensure complete guidance throughout your experience dealing with internet and related issues. Here is what you should expect from us by deciding to choose us as your NBN and Home Wi-Fi issues solution provider.

Technical Consultancy

We have an experienced team of technicians who can guide you from start to finish. Our experience with the digital world and our expertise with internet infrastructures makes us one of the top choice vendors when it comes to discussing any technical glitches related to NBN and Home Wi-Fi services. Read more about the range of services we have been providing since 2002.

Equipment Upgrade

Though the internet plans and consumption are foreseen at the time of buying a new connection, but that does not mean that the trends cannot change. You may face difficulty in accessing the internet in rooms or places that are far from the Wi-Fi modem. Ryve will tailor your wireless network installation to ensure maximum performance right across your home or office.


Getting someone to understand your internet related issues holistically can be a challenge, as ISP technical staff only have a limited scope of what they can help with. With our trained and professional staff who will talk to you in detail to figure out the extent of the internet and Wi-Fi issues and plan the next steps accordingly.

Repair and maintenance

Over time, the installation infrastructure may need an additional pair of eyes to see the damage that may compromise the performance and efficiency of the internet service. We will find broken or damaged points and apply a fix immediately to boost the internet performance.

If we haven’t listed your problem or are looking for general clarity, do not hesitate to ask us and get in touch however you are comfortable via our contact page.

How can Ryve help you with an optimal NBN and Home Wi-Fi experience?

Being in the industry for more than 18 years, having best technicians and selection of quality equipment is what makes Ryve the partner of choice. Our happy customers praise the quality of services they have experienced over these years, and we feel extreme pride referring to these success stories to anyone who is looking for help here.

Our expert technicians cater to critical and urgent internet issues, which may cause a lot more trouble if they need to be fixed on priority, especially with the huge recent transition to school and work from home arrangements.

Lastly, opting for the high-quality equipment for enhancement or repair of internet infrastructure has turned many frustrated lives into peaceful ones. We ensure that every penny you spend in getting your internet issues fixed is worth the investment and pay you back for many years to come. You can enjoy a seamless transition from old and outdated internet providers to NBN.

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How do we ensure the quality of service?

There may be several other service providers pitching you the cheaper NBN and Home Wi-Fi services; here is why you should put a full stop to that and get in touch with us today:


We know how painful it could be if you feel neglected or overlooked upon your concerns regarding the quality of internet connection, speed, and equipment. We ensure that not only we hear out your concerns, but we also give the best advice right away for a timely resolution of your issue.

24/7 Availability

No matter what day it is and what time your home internet starts troubling you, we will be there. You can get in touch with our team via call or email, within standard response time the best technicians in town will be at your doorstep.

Expertise level

There is nothing beyond the satisfaction of a troubled consumer. We put our highly qualified and trained personnel to offer you the best solution. You do not need to worry if you are not a tech-savvy person, or you do not know much about NBN and Home Wi-Fi. Our experts will take care of all technicalities and will keep you in the loop to upgrade your understanding for better user experience.

Prioritised services

Cannot wait for a standard queue? No worries! We can offer you prioritized services through our dedicated private technician for internet services. Call us now and let our team know how urgent your issues are. You will be getting an immediate response with the technician’s availability details and contact information for instant help.

Post-service follow-ups

We strongly believe in long term customer relationships. Our professional staff members address your current issues or concerns regarding Wi-Fi troubles with the utmost quality standards. Even after that, we ensure post service check-up through customer satisfaction surveys.

Our focus is on of high quality customer service interactions that will make you forget your internet-related troubles. We you expertise and experience all under one banner. Get in touch now to discuss any NBN or Wi-Fi issues, or to discuss the wide range of services we provide.

How to reach us?

We are reachable 24/7 through several dedicated contact channels. You can visit us in person, write us an email, call us directly or leave your query via our social media channels. Regardless of the channel you choose to communicate with us, we will ensure a prompt response to help you in a minimum possible time frame.