Six Tips for assembling a Home Theatre on a budget

Six Tips for assembling a Home Theatre on a budget - Ryve Blog

Many consumers are confused on how to get started in home theatre and how much to spend. Contrary to popular belief, those on a budget can still afford a modest system that will make for a great home cinema experience.

There are inexpensive and mid-range product options that provide great value and performance, while some very expensive options only deliver a small increase in performance and may not always be the best value for your room.

Our experienced team at RYVE have put together six tips that will help those on a budget secure a home theatre system:

1. Have a think about what you want in your home theatre system.

Acquiring a home theatre system is exciting, and it’s essential to know you don’t need all the bells and whistles to create the home cinema experience. It’s possible that a TV with a sophisticated sound system will provide an immersive viewing and listening experience. Things you should consider is, how big do you want the screen? Is a projector necessary? Will you spend more time listening to music, playing video games, watching TV or watching movies? Do you need the internet to connect to your home theatre system for streaming?

2. To upgrade or start from scratch?

It may be, that some of the equipment you have could be used better and be included in your home theatre set up. Take a look at what you already have and consider if you what you want to keep—at least for now. Some items you may have that could become part of your new home theatre system. These could be items such as a DVD or Blu ray player, game consoles, equipment rack, seating and display device (TV or projector).

3. Package deal or Soundbar may do!

Given the room or space you have to work with, it’s possible a sound bar or a package deal may work well to create your home cinema experience. A sound bar is a device that produces a full surround-like field from a single speaker cabinet, which can be placed above or below a TV. A package deal (depending on the one you choose) can come with mountable speakers, and a wireless subwoofer, this may be all you need. These are affordable options.

4.What about the accessories?

When you purchase the necessary equipment for a home theatre system (think projector or TV, Blu-ray, speakers, subwoofer etc) these items are not your final purchase- as you still need the cables, the universal remote control, mounting brackets and more to get it all set up and working. Accessories can be expensive, too. Often it’s hard to know exactly what you need, type of brackets, length of cables, etc.

Our Technicians carry a broad range of accessories to suit a variety of installations, so if we are doing your install, most likely we will have everything you will need right there with us. This means no need to guess and pre-purchase accessories only to find out later they were incorrect.

5. Buy second hand or refurbished products.

At RYVE we sell new and second hand, quality equipment on our eBay store. Buying second hand or refurbished products can save you money, if you’re concerned about the quality, know that in electronics, ‘refurbished’ means for the consumer, not new but tested to factory standards.

6. Saving money is good; adding value is better.

Following the above tips will make it possible to install a home theatre on a budget; although adding value to your home by introducing a proper home cinema could increase the homes’ value.
In some homes, It could be viewed as an investment, rather than a cost. The critical thing is not to buy the cheapest, but don’t overpay for a minor increase in performance. Be comfortable with your purchase, an excellent way to start is to buy a good TV and expand from there.

Should you want further help on how to purchase or install a home theatre on a budget, browse our great value online store, or contact us today to discuss your situation. At RYVE we specialise in making custom solutions for your audiovisual and technology

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