Five reasons why you want a smart home

The idea of purchasing a smart home is becoming popular, with many more people wanting technology to empower and enhance their lives. Having the ability to control the lighting, temperature and climate within the home has its clear benefits, as does complete control over the music around the house. By investing in a smart home network and technologies, you increase the value of your home and its appeal to potential buyers.  

Our team at RYVE have assisted in completing many smart home designs and installations; and from our experience, clients want smart homes because:

1. Efficiency 
With one touch of a button or a mobile phone application, you 
can have control over numerous gadgets or systems. With the help of the smart device (mobile or tablet), you are able to operate your heating and cooling, as well turn on and turn off lights with a single click from anywhere in your house. This is not just efficient, but also helps to save on utility bills.

2. Security
Small crimes are becoming common in this era, and everyone wants to make their home (and the people within it) secure. Smart homes will allow you to make your home safe through alarms and CCTV, often allowing you to monitor the security very easily through your smartphone.

3. Comfort
Smart homes make your life comfortable; you do not have to move 
all over the house to perform various tasks, particularly great if you have a big house!

4. Peace of mind
A smart home is also a major way to give peace of mind; you

can utilize the smart device to check the doors, windows, water spill sensors and ensure you’ve locked your house! Rest assured, you can also check that your garage door is properly shut through an application. You do not have to worry about whether or not you locked up correctly, just log onto your smart device and check.

5. Customisation
Smart homes allow you to have appliances and technologies 
to work however you would like to have them.  Enjoy the heating turning on an hour before you get out of bed in the morning, have the shades drawn automatically at a certain time, or adjust the brightness of lighting whenever you want.

If these sound like great reasons to invest in a smart home, contact the RYVE team today for a quote, we are able to help you with a customised design to suit your best lifestyle. For more information check out our smart home page, download our pre-wire
checklist or give the team a call today.

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