COVID-19 Updates

Our COVID-19 Policy, Measures and Approach
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryve is taking additional steps to ensure the health and safety of both our field technicians and our residential and commercial clients. Our aim is to ensure we meet the current government regulations and make every effort to do business with in a positive, respectful and transparent way.

Changes to our job allocation process in light of COVID-19
  • A COVID-19 Precheck Form is sent and completed by the client, prior to a field technician arriving at a job site.
  • Increased communication with clients when there are any state or federal changes to COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns to facilitate appropriate rescheduling of jobs.
  • More detailed data capturing around the health status of clients who may reside at a residential job site, to ensure appropriate measures are put in place.

Other beneficial measures and improvements Ryve is implementing in light of COVID-19
  • Additional resourcing invested into acquiring more comprehensive details around technology needs prior to a site visit, to reduce the amount of time field technicians spend at a job site.
  • Encouraging and exercising respectful forms of conversation when speaking about health and safety.
  • Initiating an internal monthly Think Tank, to bring together ideas of how to improve areas of the business in light of COVID-19 to provide a better service to our clients.
  • Upon arrival at a job site, field technicians exercise increased awareness of hygiene practices, recommended physical distancing, wearing masks on-site and ensuring that staff do not attend work or job sites if they are unwell.
  • This is particularly important when our field technicians are visiting residential homes.

Our expectations of clients during COVID-19
  • Inform Ryve prior to a job site visit, if there are any occupants or visitors that have been or are currently unwell at the job site.
  • Exercise understanding and be respectful of job site workers that have been organised by Ryve to complete works on behalf of a client. Abusive and rude behaviour will not be tolerated.

Clients asking if Ryve field technicians are fully vaccinated
Ryve aims to ensure we meet the current government regulations which outline that field technicians must have their first vaccination booked in prior to 15 October 2021, and their second vaccination booked in prior to 24 November 2021. Please visit the government regulations, under class ‘Technology Technicians’ for more detailed information. At Ryve, we respect and acknowledge the choices of both our staff and the clients we serve, and aim to allocate resources and knowledge accordingly, to ensure we can continue to provide high quality technological expertise in a positive, respectful and transparent way. Ryve takes every precaution to ensure the health and safety of both our staff and our clients in light of COVID-19. Our staff is the backbone of our business, so we try and give them the freedom and respect to make their own independent choices around what is best for them and the health of their own families and loved ones.