What is a Home Theatre and what can it do for me?

What you need to know before purchasing a Home Theatre system - Ryve Blog

Essentially the term “Home Theatre” is commonly defined as an audio and video equipment set up in your home that provides the movie theatre experience. Although in truth, often a good Home Theatre setup may provide a more impressive experience than many multiplex cinema screens.

The term ‘Home Theatre’ can vary widely, and often many consumers think this means a lot of money, equipment, and cables running all over the place. However, contrary to popular belief, with some planning, assembling your Home Theatre can be easy, resulting in a setup that is functional, and provides a great experience.

A custom Home Theatre can be done on a budget or cost tens of thousands of dollars with a high end large screen TV or video projector, Blu-Ray Disc/Ultra HD Blu-ray player(s), a media server, cable/satellite, separate amplifiers for each channel controlled by a master preamp or controller, in-wall speakers, and a couple of subwoofers; the works! If you want all the bells and whistles, a custom home theatre designed to your specific space (and if your budget allows!) is a great way to go.

More often than not, home theatres do not necessarily consist of an expensive custom installation, nor cost a lot of money. Something as simple as a 32 to 55-inch TV, combined with at least a DVD player and soundbar, or a Blu-ray Disc player connected with a stereo or home theatre receiver, speakers, and a subwoofer creates a decent and modest home cinema experience.
Recently upgrading to a large screen TVs, and/or Blu-ray Disc player does not require a big wallet – even a growing number of video projectors are becoming reasonably-priced home theatre options. If you have a little more cash, a 4K Ultra HD LED/LCD or OLED TV might be options to consider.
Something that should be considered in a home theatre setup is internet streaming. Although most TVs and Blu-ray Disc players stream TV shows and movies from the internet, it’s best to ensure you have direct streaming, to get the most out of services such as Apple tv, Netflix and Stan.

By installing a home theatre, you can use it as a hub to expand your TV viewing and music listening throughout the house, either by physical or wireless connectivity.

Controlling the system is often where people get confused, but it doesn’t have to be complex. By using a good universal remote control system, a smartphone, or even the voice control features of Alexa and Google Assistant, you can easily control your home theatre system. Whatever type of system you choose, as long as it provides the entertainment options you want, then it is your “Home Theatre”.

Contact the RYVE team today to chat about your home theatre needs, and we strongly recommend avoiding any ‘spoiler alerts’ of shows and movies to friends and family, we can guarantee this is rarely appreciated.

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