Help! I have bad TV reception

Help - I have bad TV reception - Ryve Blog

Many people experience problems with their television, and there’s two ways to determine if the problem is related to the antenna:

1. The picture on your television will be pixelated;
2. The audio will be broken

If either the picture or audio is broken, you most likely have a problem with your antenna system and it may need to be repaired or replaced. If you’re suffering from an antenna system issue, it’s possible that:

– The antenna is past its lifespan
A good antenna, properly installed by a professional should last a 15-20 years. Cheap quality ones are known to last 1 -3 ( so investing in a quality one is a worthy investment!). If your residence is near the ocean, be wary that salt air erodes antennas much quicker than elsewhere.

– You have a poor quality antenna
It’s possible a poor quality antenna will deliver a pixelated picture and broken audio. At Ryve we only use top quality products, our Australian made Hills antennas are durable in the Australian climate and the Italian made Fracarro antennas are renowned for their quality and technology.

– You have an indoor antenna mounted outside
Sound silly? After operating for over 15 years in the Audio Visual industry, there’s not much the Ryve team haven’t seen, including DIY antenna installations. When responding to calls about antenna issues around Melbourne, Victoria; our team have occasionally found the owner has installed an inside antenna, outdoors. This won’t work well and your poor reception will continue as the antenna quickly deteriorates in the weather.

– Interference
Interference can affect sound and picture quality, but this is short lived. It’s possible bad weather or passing frequencies can temporarily affect your TV. Should your picture and sound quality continue to occur after the bad weather has departed, or for a prolonged period, the problem could likely be a more permanent interference, due to incorrect cable installation or type. Eg Installed to close to power or cabling with unsuitable shielding. Sometimes a faulty light transformer or appliance in the home can even be the cause.

– Poor cabling
The Ryve team often climb into a roof only to find the cabling installed was not designed for digital, guaranteeing a poor service or has been very poorly installed or terminated. Digital antennas require specific cabling & connections, as the old airspace cabling & some cheaper varieties don’t have good shielding properties. The quality of the cable matters as much as the quality of the antenna.

How to fix this?
Get a quality antenna with quality cabling that’s professionally installed to ensure top quality picture and audio on your TV. Purchase a Hills or Fracarro antenna from our online store and receive free delivery across Melbourne.

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