How to DYI antenna installation – DON’T do it!

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Installing a television antenna (a digital antenna) on a roof can not only be dangerous, but it also requires technical knowledge the average homeowner or regular electrician is unlikely to possess.

It’s worth knowing that many electricians are not trained in antenna installation or repairs. Electricians are trained in electrical wiring and lighting; and although some may be able to assist with your antenna, they are not directly trained in this area.

Reasons why you should get a professional antenna installation technician:

1. Rooftop Safety
TV antenna professionals are fully trained in safely installing antenna equipment on a variety of rooftops and high places and during a range of weather conditions.

2. Specialist Knowledge
Professional installers have specialist and detailed knowledge about how antennas work, ensuring you receive the best quality audio and picture possible.

3. Not Licensed
Unless you have the correct certifications, you won’t have the proper licensing to install the antenna, which leaves you open to experience issues with reception quality, affecting picture and audio. It’s worth noting many electricians don’t carry the proper licensing to complete antenna installations or repairs. Often Electricians don’t have a cabling license; they have an electrical license which means they can do electrical cabling. Electrical cabling covers power points and lighting. Antenna cabling is neither of these; It is coaxial; hence it’s essential to get a professional to install your antenna.
Our AV and antenna field technicians can complete all cabling requirements for antenna install or repair, and high-quality antennas can be purchased on our online shop.

4. Missing Tools and Additional TV outlets
Many digital antenna systems have specific connections and fittings; hence it’s unlikely the average homeowner (or electrician) has the tools necessary to complete the job correctly. Further, many people require more than one television to run from a single television antenna. A professional TV antenna installer can easily install other outlets, so every TV in your home produces a great picture with clear sound, whereas some electricians and most homeowners, don’t have the knowledge, tools or expertise to complete this both correctly and safely, if at all.

5. Save Money, Time and Effort
A professional TV antenna installer using high-quality equipment can ensure your antenna lasts its entire lifespan and warranty. A professionally installed high-quality antenna should last 15 or more years (unless your home is close to the sea, salt erosion does affect even the best antennas). A professional antenna installation or repair guarantees the job is done right, the first time, without hassle.

Get the best value and lifespan from your antenna by investing in a high-quality antenna and professional installation. Enjoy top quality picture and audio from your TV. For a professional, high-quality antenna installation job, talk to the Ryve team today.

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