Ocular Password Management System Review

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Password Management System Designed for Businesses

Ocular is designed for small businesses.  It allows easy management of multiple employees and their access rights to passwords and other critical information.  You can easily decide which users/or groups have access to which credentials.

You can track who created, viewed, edited, or archived client credentials.  It will also provide when they performed the action, and from their internet location.  One of the best things about this software is when you have a case of departing employee, the system allows you to create an audit report which highlights all the passwords that the employee was privy to, significantly reducing the number of passwords you need to update to maintain security.

 Organise your Passwords, Autofill using Ocular’s browser extension

Like most password management systems, it allows you to categories passwords into folders.  It will also generate strong unique passwords which can be automatically auto-filled within the internet browser.  Ocular currently offers browser support for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and all Chromium based browsers.  

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Access passwords remotely with Ocular’s mobile apps

Remote access of all your passwords and data is possible via Ocular’s mobile apps for iOS and Android.  This means that your employees can login to anything they need whether they’re in the office or out on the field, using both their phone or tablet device. 

Secure Password Management

Ocular is highly secure. It uses AES-256 to encrypt each password, which means that each password is encrypted a minimum of 300 times using 6 different hash keys.  This far outweighs the security of an excel spreadsheet stored on a shared network drive!

 Two Factor Authentication

It also integrates easily with Two factor authentication allowing it to be integrated with Duo mobile, Google Authenticator Microsoft Authenticator as well as email, text messages and a phone call service.  This is helpful for job share type positions such a reception.  The 2-factor authentication can use a central email address which is accessible by all the individuals which fulfill the role.

 Excellent customer support

One of the best reasons for using this system is the support.  Many password management systems offer email support only, and it can take up to 2 days to receive a reply.  If you set your business up with Ocular you can call us anytime during business hours and we’ll endeavor to resolve your query on the spot.  You can also email us if you would prefer.