Sound Bars

Enhance your sound experience with a branded soundbar installed professionally at your home. At RYVE, we partner with you and deliver seamless soundbar wall mounting & installation services.  Whether you want assistance in unboxing and installing the soundbar into your TV cabinet or integrate it with your wall-mounted TV system with no visible wiring enhancing the aesthetic aspect, RYVE will ensure you have a seamless technology experience regardless of your soundbars installation requirement.

The best place for soundbar installation: Bottom vs. Top

The debate is endless but, in the end, it is a personal choice.
While customer preference matters the most to us, our professional soundbar installation experts will help you decide the right installation site that enhances your sound experience to the most:

  • above the TV with no gap
  • above the TV with recess
  • below the TV with recess

Irrespective of the location – below or above the TV, we promise that we deliver excellence every time. Sturdy installation compliant with the manufacturer guidelines and concealed cables look is what we aspire in every wall mount TV with soundbar station for our customers.

Sonos Beam

Say no to substandard Soundbar installation

It takes a lot of skill and consideration to mount the soundbar on the wall. Tactically arranging the fittings and ensuring all the cables are concealed and not visible is our goal with every wall mount TV with soundbar installation project. 

Modern soundbars are super slim with no scope of hiding the wiring behind. We use our expertise to align the soundbar with your TV installation and ensure that your home stereo sound quality is never compromised. Whether you had a bad previous experience with poor installation, got stuck with your DIY wall installation project or want professional soundbar installation services, you can depend on the expertise of RYVE to deliver a quality result.

Successful soundbar installation has two core aims – functionality and to be aesthetically pleasing. We believe that both factors are equally imperative and hence the results of our installations are always flawless. A wall mounted TV with a soundbar is the centrepiece of your living/bedroom. Call RYVE to achieve the best look and premium sound quality!

Should you invest in a Soundbar?

When your TV has a built-in sound system, why do you want to put extra money on a soundbar? Fret not, you aren’t the only person to think of it. The sound effect and quality of a built-in sound system of a TV are limited. However, the results with soundbar are excellent! When you buy a good quality soundbar – the modern sleek soundbar alternatives available in the market, you bring home better surround sound results. The sound quality from the soundbar will match the amazing video experience your TV delivers, in fact, makes it even more wonderful.

Soundbars are designed to elevate the audio quality, thanks to the mechanically advanced speaker set up. A soundbar is a great alternative to inferior TV sound system when you enjoy some extra volume and premium audio surround effects.

How do we install a wall mount TV with soundbar?

The market for the soundbar is cluttered and why not it be, after all, it is a complete sound package in a sleek setting. Choosing a soundbar can anytime become intimidating but relying on a brand purchase helps a lot. Some of the best brands that have excellent soundbar options available and which we can install for you with full efficacy include:


From sleek soundbars to streaming sound systems, Sonos has captured the market very efficiently. We have the right skills and knowledge to fit that amazing piece from Sonos - the one you bought for amazing audio quality - with your wall mount TV.



Bose is the first name pops in the mind as soon as you think of a sound system/ accessory. Buy a premium soundbar from the brand and let us help you achieve the best results from it through an efficient installation.


Sony Soundbars are aesthetically and functionally advanced. We ensure that when installed with your wall mount TV or sitting atop a TV cabinet, this soundbar looks and sound as amazing as you expected.


A name that never gets defeated in offering the best value to the customers. Yamaha is a great soundbar brand. The products are advanced, sophisticated and tricky to install and hence we recommend connecting with us for your Yamaha soundbar installation.


Your options are plenty, and each one is better than the previous one. Whatever Hisense Soundbar you buy, consider professional soundbar installation with RYVE only.