Digital Antennas

In an age where more people are looking for news and entertainment options outside of high priced cable providers, a digital antenna installation can give you access to a variety of channels with no monthly subscriptions or fees. Modern and Smart TV image quality has improved in significantly in the past 10 years with the roll-out of digital and high definition signals.

We are here to aid you in entering the world of over the air television and get the best service and clearest picture possible. We offer installation services, repair services, signal boosting options, and master antenna systems for commercial applications.

Our mission has always been, and will always be, to deliver the most reliable service available to our customers. With our 18 years of experience serving the Melbourne area, we are uniquely positioned to help you throughout every step of the process. From installation to years of quality television, our dedicated staff will be there to provide end to end service.


Digital Antenna Installation

If you are new to the world of over the air TV the first step to enjoying free television is to have the digital antenna installed. Any TV antenna installation begins with locating the perfect spot on your roof for getting the strongest, clearest signal possible.

Many factors can impact your signal quality. From nearby obstructions such as trees or large buildings to the distance from the local broadcast towers. Our experienced installation staff will measure the signal strength on your property to quickly identify the best location for your TV antenna installation. They will then securely mount the antenna and connect all the wiring necessary to deliver the best viewing experience possible for your family.

Our installations are fast, reliable, and professional; ensuring our customers are satisfied with every step of the process is a paramount goal of every member of our staff.

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Digital Antenna Repair

As hassle-free as over the air TV is, the antenna and supporting equipment still require periodic maintenance. An antenna can become damaged by severe weather, cables can be damaged, and parts of the supporting electronics can fail. New construction or changes in local foliage can impact the signal, making it necessary to move the antenna. All of this can leave you in need of a TV antenna repair.

Damage to, or problems with, the antenna or supporting systems may not be obvious. Pixelation of pictures, disrupted signal, even if only slight or intermittent, could be an indicator of a problem with your system. Modern systems are capable of delivering crystal clear signals to TVs when they are set up and functioning properly. If your existing system displays signs of poor signal a TV antenna repair visit may be necessary.

If your current antenna system is damaged or functioning poorly, our highly trained staff will be there to repair what’s broken and help figure out what needs to be done to return quality service to your home. Let us help you get back to watching your favorite programs, click here for a free TV antenna repair quote.


Signal Boosting

A TV booster can be an important part of a TV antenna system. They work by replicating the signal received from the antenna and sending it to the TV at higher power, improving the quality and stability of the viewing experience. While they can’t improve the strength of the signal being received by an antenna, they can eliminate quality issues that come from the limited power.

Using a TV booster can be particularly useful if you are connecting your antenna to multiple TVs in your home. The strength of the signal broadcast through the cables that connect your antenna to your TV is fairly limited. Whenever more than one TV is being served, the signal for all TVs can lose clarity as they draw from a limited well of the available signal. TV boosters eliminate this by adding power into the system to boost the signal and allow it to meet all demands.

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Master Antennas

For commercial locations or locations with a large number of TVs requiring signals, we also offer installation and maintenance of Master Antenna Television(MATV) systems.

An MATV system uses a master antenna to gather the free signals and then serves TV signals to all of the TVs in a location. This allows a much larger number of televisions to take advantage of over the air broadcasts with significantly reduced costs. Instead of dozens to hundreds of antenna needing to be mounted, one master antenna can be located in an optimal spot and meet all of your needs.

Whether you are a hotel, a sports bar, or even home, if you need to provide a signal to a large number of TVs, an MATV system is your best option. Like all of our other services, our MATV systems are installed and maintained by our highly skilled service technicians.

We understand that businesses need the things that they invest their money into to work when they are supposed to work. As with any of our customers, you will always receive top-level support for as long as you maintain the system.

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Our Service

Whether you have been enjoying over the air television for years or you are just starting to explore the option, we can help you meet all of your TV antenna needs. With over 18 years of experience in the Melbourne area, our company and staff are experts on the best ways to bring over the air television to our customers.

Our pride is in doing excellent work and providing great customer service. Television is more than entertainment, it can be a lifeline, it is a source of news and important information everyday people need. It is our mission to deliver the best service and clearest signals possible to every one of our customers.

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