Solutions for Real Estate

Being a Real Estate Agent can be a tough gig at times. Emotions can run high when your client is making the (most likely) biggest investment in their life, be it for a residential or commercial property. Or perhaps they are a rental tenant and have an urgent problem that needs to be resolved? Its a fast paced industry that is becoming increasingly competitive, with over 2000 agencies in Victoria. You need a way to differentiate and ensure your reputation for high quality customer service is well supported by the correct technology that enables you to provide respond quickly and efficiently to any query, anywhere, at any time.

Why Ryve?

The Directors at Ryve have a strong passion for Property that has developed over the years in their personal lives over the last 15 years of purchasing, developing and renting residential property. During the journey, we’ve worked with so many wonderful people. Most Real Estate Agencies are also small businesses, so we’re working with the owners and directors of a business who are passionate about what they do. This passion rubs off during the day to day interaction, and nothing gives us more joy than partnering with another business to help them grow and prosper. 

Our Approach

We provide a full scope of services that provides a single point of call for all your technology requirements. As a small business, you cannot afford your technology to fail. Ensuring that you have a partner that has a strategic approach that understands your business in one engagement reduces the likelihood of miscommunication and increases the opportunity for innovative solutions that will have a real bottom line impact.

What we do

We have built a service capability that is tailored to modern Real Estate Agencies in Melbourne:

Digital Signage

Using Digital Signage to run campaigns offers a huge amount of flexibility in what message you're communicating, be it for a sale, rental, agent or even holiday trading hours.

Audio Visual

Ensuring an amazing experience when a customer enters your meeting room or boardroom is sure to impress with visually appealing, easy to use digital solutions.

Data Security

Real Estate Agencies hold a lot of Personally Identifiable (PI) information. Ensuring that data does not get into the wrong hands is critical to protect your business.

Business Continuity

Most Real Estate Agencies are open 6 or 7 days per week. So all systems must be online and available, at all times. Ensure you have a suitable Business Continuity plan in place.

Tech Strategy

If the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, you'll get mixed results. Ensuring that there is a fluid 3-5 year plan in place is critical to work towards in business and technology.

Cloud Services

Cloud is the new "in" thing. But lets not use it for the sake of it? Ensure that the service or application is Cloud native and aligned with your requirements.

IT Support

The Helpdesk. Keeping everything running and ensuring the status quo is important. Being available when you need us is also critical, we're here for you 24x7x365.

Digital Marketing

We work with our customer partners through all phases of YOUR customer life cycle. This ensures appropriate technology solutions that work well together to provide the desired outcome each and every time.

What our clients say

I have used Ryve for my home, investment properties and office, in 14 years in the property industry I can honestly say his products and service is of the highest quality. I consider Ryan a friend and mentor. His knowledge and attention to detail is outstanding. Would highly recommend Ryve to everyone.
Billy Schroeder
Schroeder & Wallis Real Estate