Flexson SONOS PLAYBAR TV Mount – Black

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Flexson’s SONOS PLAYBAR Screen Mount is designed to easily fit on to a full-motion (articulated) TV wall mount.


The Flexson Screen Mount securely holds your PLAYBAR in place while allowing it to move with the screen. So, wherever you want to angle your TV, the SONOS sound stays directly underneath it, for optimum performance with music, movies and more.

The Flexson SONOS PLAYBAR Screen Mount is precision engineered in England to perfectly match the size, style and colour of the SONOS PLAYBAR.

It is ideal for 40in+ screens, and will fit any VESA compatible display up to 65in, using standard wall mounts (with two vertical mounting arms). [Please note: combined weight of Sonos PLAYBAR and Flexson mount is 9.5kgs, which must be added to the TV weight and still be within your screen mount’s weight limit.]


Package contents:

  • Speaker mount Mount arms (x2)
  • Fixing kit
  • Bespoke screen mount for SONOS PLAYBAR
  • Attaches to articulated/full-motion TV brackets
  • Allows your SONOS PLAYBAR to move along with your TV
  • An easy and secure wall-mounting solution for the SONOS PLAYBAR
  • Precision engineered in England


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