Angstrom Suono 600 SD On-Wall Speaker (Pair)

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As a matched pair, the a single pair of 600 SD works as left and right speakers – and as a stereophonic center channel as well.
The 600 SD is 2 speakers in one, arranged in a mirror-imaged pair. The top half contains a half of a centre speaker with a 4.5” woofer 1″ soft dome tweeter. Bottom half contains left or right channel with two 4.5”woofers and 1” front and 1” side firing spiral tweeter.


Suono 600 SD
The Suono 600SD Loudspeakers seamlessly integrates the centre channel output into the left and right loudspeakers in a home theatre configuration. The effect is a STEREOPHONIC CENTRE CHANNEL optimised with offset side firing tweeters together with the left and right channel loudspeakers. The drivers are positioned to ensure a true spatial effect providing articulate voicing with a panoramic sound stage. Sound is both diffused and defined, delivering an astonishing home theatre experience. Angstrom’s innovative design eliminates the need for a separate centre channel loudspeaker, offering a no compromise solution to the problem of placing and installing the centre channel loudspeaker.

Versatile Mounting System
Suono speakers mount easily and securely to the wall with our two-piece mounting system. The mounts adjust in minutes for vertical or horizontal placement.

Top quality drivers and tweeters
Suono products employ Angstrom’s hand-selected 4.5″ woofers and 1″ soft dome tweeters to assure years of smooth listening pleasure. These drivers are perfectly matched by Angstrom’s internal proprietary crossover.


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