Hills Reliance 8 / NX8 Alarm Kit Inc. Wireless Detectors (S2084)

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The Hills Reliance NX8 security system has been design using the most advanced technology available. It safeguards your family and your home against potential intruders. Hills Reliance offers both simplicity of use and extraordinary features . Ideal for all residential applications, and is expandable to meet the demands of a growing household.

  • 1X S4697 Hills Reliance 8 \ NX8
  • 1X S4158 Vertez 8 Zone LED Code
  • 1X S4314 12V 4AMP Battery
  • 2X S5732 ITI Wireless PIR 60-63
  • 1X S4005 SCP-S Siren Cover
  • 1X S3808 Mini Plastic Horn Speaker
  • 1X S3905 Round Blue Strobe Light
  • 1X S3807 Piezo Screamer Top hat
  • 1X S4101 Tamper Contact
  • 1X 16V-1.5AMP Plug Pack
  • 1X S4135 NX408-I 8 Zone Wireless Module


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