Fracarro BLV4F Digital Antenna

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  • High quality, high gain, Italian made Digital antenna
  • Optimised impedance matching and excellent directivity
  • Includes mounting hardware & connections

Since 1933 Gruppo Fracarro has been offering its customers high quality products and solutions renowned for its innovation and technology. To expand into the international market, along with Fracarro Iberica S.A., new companies have been established, as Fracarro France, Fracarro (UK) Ltd and Fracarro Portugal.With a Fracarro agency in Thailand and a network ofdistributors worldwide, Fracarro is now even closer to the market. As a market leader in the reception and distribution of audio-videodata signals and security, Fracarro is able to provide comprehensive information and assistance worldwide.

Fracarro’s main goal has always been to achieve the highest quality and performance on the products and services they supply. Fracarro Radioindustrie S.p.A. has been successful in achieving this with the Fracarro Quality System being officially recognised on an international level with ISO9001 certification. This certification confirms Fracarro products are highly reliable, and that they have a modern, efficient and professional sales organisation.


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