Ekey Multi Extended Stand-Alone Solution

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Ekey multi is a revolutionary biometric access control system, combining up to 4 finger scanners into a small network. Unique selling proposition: Instead of working with elaborate software on a dedicated PC, the system is managed via the control panel – simply and conveniently.

Via a configurable master key plan, users are given the flexibility to open any door using any finger. In addition, the system supports 3 time zones for grouping different users (e.g. family members and friends, staff and cleaners, etc.).



  • Up to 4 finger scanners can be connected (4 Doors)
  • Up to 99 different fingerprints can be stored
  • User administration carried out directly on the control panel (no PC required)
  • Up to 4 actions (e.g. opening a door) can be assigned via a master key plan
  • 4 inputs for exit buttons
  • 2 freely configurable time zones
  • Log, containing the last entries


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