Office 365

Microsoft is comfortably the market leader for SME Cloud SaaS, with Office 365 being its flagship service providing a stable, secure and highly functional business operation platform.

Which Subscription?

Which subscription is right for you? It’s a complex question, but we’ve developed a basic calculator that helps step you through the possibilities. There are many tiers of license, and it is possible to mix and match licenses to get the perfect configuration for each user, optimising the cost without compromising functionality.

Office 365 Business

There are two versions of Office 365 – Personal or Home and Business. The way that you purchase and use the offerings varies greatly, and cannot be mixed. If you’re a SME – Office 365 Business Essentials is the best starting point, providing the best value for money.

How much does it cost?

How long is a piece of string! For Australia, services are delivered from on-shore Datacentres and available to purchase in Australian dollars to simplify budgeting. You can purchase through a number of different methods, including Microsoft directly using Credit Card, from a telecommunications provider such as Telstra, through a partner using a traditional annual licensing model, or via a Cloud Service Provider with more flexible options and ongoing management capabilities.

Office 365 Support

Who provides the support? It varies depends on who is providing you the licensing. If its delivered by a Cloud Service Provider or Telco (like Telstra), then they will provide first level support. Anything else is provided by Microsoft from the Office 365 Portal.

Who owns the data?

The Microsoft Customer Agreement states that all data is property of the customer! They are just providing the infrastructure and services for it to function. The key consideration with this is backup. Microsoft do not provide backup of your data in the traditional sense that most SME’s are used to – a full copy of the data, often on disconnected or offsite media that can be retrieved if something happens.

Backup is usually an oversight, and should definitely be considered in your Cloud Security Strategy.

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