Basic Tips: The transition between tenants

Tips from a landlord for the transition between tenants

5 Basic Tips for Landlords

Here are a few tips and points that can be followed when doing an inspection to make sure the new tenants move in with ease. Doing your bit as the Landlord can help in building a good relationship with the tenants and make their transition of shifting, a smooth one.

1. Climate Control: Make sure the aircon remotes are checked. Test both the heating and cooling. If the remote doesn’t work check its batteries. It is always better to replace the remote batteries with new ones, so the remote isn’t damaged if a tenant is unsure how to replace them.

2. Kitchen: Check the taps and the sinks and test for the hot and cold water. Under the sinks make sure to check that there are no leaks and check the timber for any kind of stains.
Cooktops and Ovens: Check the cooktop to ensure that it works.
Make sure the oven and range hood are clean & functioning correctly.

3. Smoke Alarms: The smoke alarms need to be checked and must be replaced if not working. Check the expiration dates on both the smoke alarms and their batteries, change where the expiration is past. Australian Law on smoke alarms is an expiration date of 10 years from manufacture date, every smoke alarm and battery will have an expiry date on it.

4. Bathroom and Toilets: Ensure the water is running in all the taps and the toilet. Check for the hot and cold water. It’s good practise to leave a toilet roll for the next tenants coming in.

Rails and shower: Make sure all the rails such as towel rails and other fittings are all tight and secure. When it comes to the shower, it is always good to keep the shower head positioned at the centre and facing down in order to avoid any water splash when someone turns it on.

5. Cupboards: Check all the cupboards and other storage spaces to make sure there are no items left behind from previous tenants.

Watch Ryan discuss these tips here:

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