IT Strategy

Technology has brought welcome changes in the way we all operate, from the simplest of tasks to the most complicated. When navigating this new way of life, you have us, at Ryve, to support you with information as well as various types of technology installations you require. Our commitment to build long lasting and transformative partnerships with our clients enables us to genuinely, and successfully serve you in all your digital needs.

At Ryve, we have always found ways to merge technology plans with your home and business plans. We strive to empower innovation, especially in business, in order to achieve the best results. We are experienced in virtual CIO and IT strategy services, where we offer very crucial services like Cloud and Infrastructure, Backup and Recovery, IT support, Connectivity, Visual services as well as Security services.

Cloud computing and Infrastructure

Cloud computing is the new norm for businesses, and it is a move that saves time by making computing easier. Cloud computing and infrastructure requires various components, like a server, network, storage capabilities and software to effectively support the model.

At Ryve, we offer several models of cloud computing that are tailored to be scalable, adaptable, manageable and extensive for the needs of your business.

  1. Public Cloud
  2. Private Cloud
  3. Hybrid Cloud
  4. Data Center Co-location
  5. Microsoft 365

Backup and Recovery

We offer support in data backup and recovery in case of emergencies. Our systems are capable of safely storing all your data in copies to enhance recovery if, and when you need it. To facilitate this, we use the following systems:

1. Cloud SaaS Backup
2. Business Continuity
3. Backup and Restore
4. Unified Backup & Continuity
5. Offsite Backup

IT Support

Our key focus at Ryve is on customer service and interaction.

This enables us to come up with outcome-based solutions for your business. In IT support, we are available to you 24/7 for all your business needs. We are also available in Melbourne to offer onsite home and office IT support.

We employ our IT strategy services to grow your business through our technology and offer business and IT consulting in this regard. We also help keep your servers up to date.

IT Support


Our team is always on standby to help you decide what plans are best for your office or home. When it comes to connectivity, there are many factors to consider which is why we offer an obligation free technology audit for you.

Wi-Fi and internet. We are available to advise and help set up all Wi-Fi and internet connections for your home or office.

NBN and Home internet. We are best suited to set up all your NBN or alternative home internet services. We advise on the best plans depending on your needs.

Hosted VoIP. We will set up for you a reliable telephone system you can use for home and business if you have a stable internet connection. This option is cheaper and can work anywhere.

Smart Home Wiring is one way to ensure your home is always technology ready, and with our skill and experience, we can offer pre-wiring services to ensure you enjoy all the technology you can.

Audio and Visual

We are also bestowed with the knowledge and ability to transform your house to enhance impeccable home entertainment. We source and install audio connections for your home, from sound bars, speakers, turntables, HiFi systems and AV cabinets, as well as Smart TV mountings, digital antennas and signage, meeting room, home cinema and LED lighting for visual connections.


Your home and office security are of utmost concern to Ryve and as such, we take extra measure to install security upgrades from all fonts. We are available to set up CCTV cameras, keyless entries as well as alarms for home and office. On your data, we have serious measures in place to ensure all your information is safeguarded, and we are also compliant with the Australian privacy law in the Notifiable Data Breach scheme.

Virtual CIO services

We have a robust team of personnel dedicated to managing and monitor your IT processes if you require the services. This plan is designed to relieve you of extra pressure in the running of your business, where this Virtual CIO is tasked with setting up idealistic IT strategy services that support your business plans, as well as generating user reports as, and when required. In business, a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) is beneficial to your business in toning down the IT budget, establishing a solid tech roadmap for the future, improving data and overall cybersecurity for your business, as well as improved performance on the IT department of your business. While a full time CIO is expensive for most small businesses, at Ryve, you get a Virtual CIO who does not demand an expensive salary, but is available 24/7 to consult for you, and keep the whole of your IT department in check.

Since 2002, we have matured with time to be able to offer the best solutions and forge a perfect work relationship with all our clients. Technology is the backbone of day to day tasks, and we strive to remain the best in customer services and satisfaction as we have since we began. The digital world has so much to offer to all, and it is our mission to see that everyone has a chance to grow with the opportunity’s technology provides. As the world changes, so does the technology industry. In this regard, we keep up with the latest digital solutions that will enable us to serve you satisfactorily, in time and quality.