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LastPass Password Manager Review

How much is LastPass? LastPass offers a free version of their application which is a great solution for a single user.  A free account allows users to store unlimited passwords, password auto-generation, secure storage of notes, 2-factor authentication and access across multiple devices (which was not previously offered in the free version) including your computer, …

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6 Ways You Can Protect Yourself From Cyber-Crime

Living in the digital age means that our personal information is more vulnerable than ever.  According to a recent analysis, 86% of people use passwords that have already been cracked. This also has a significant impact on business.  A recent report shows that 54% of firms had their network or data compromised in 2018.  So, if your firm …

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11 Ways Cyber Criminals Can Attack

Protect yourself by being aware Online and cyber security is a massive issue currently and will likely increase into the future. The changes to the Australian Privacy Act to included Notifiable Data Breach scheme (NDB) laws and General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) are two examples of a legislative response by government. If you’re an Australian business – you’re a …

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