Wireless Speakers

Humans love and enjoyment of music is largely universal. Music regularly features throughout our day, whether we’re at home or work, in the classroom, driving our cars or enjoying a night out with friends. We may all have vastly different tastes in music, but it’s one thing that connects us all. Some people enjoy listening to classical music or chill out beats, whilst others prefer pop, rock or electronic styles. There’s something out there for everyone and incorporating wireless speakers into your daily life can make accessing great music a seamless experience.

Over the last few years, wireless technology has advanced enormously, and you can now access and control your music through your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, or even via your voice (in the case of Alexa). This means you can easily skip tracks, change albums, or turn up the volume without even leaving your seat.

New technology also allows you to link multiple speakers together throughout your home or office so that you can stay motivated during a home workout, play calming music in your children’s bedrooms, or create a party atmosphere in your backyard. Speakers can be installed anywhere you desire.

Ryve has spent close to 20 years working with clients to plan, design and fit-out wireless speaker systems that fulfil their unique needs. Different buildings create a variety of constraints and often existing technology needs to be incorporated into the design.

At Ryve we work with a range of different brands including Sonos, Bose, Hisense, Yamaha Sony and many more. 

Regardless of which make you prefer our technical team is experienced in working with a wide range of makes and models and can repair existing systems if required to help make things more cost-effective for you. There’s no job that’s too big or too small. We can do everything from wireless speakers for home to wireless speakers in ceilings and large audiovisual installations for offices. What we pride ourselves in most is the timeliness of delivery and our transparency throughout the process. We’ll provide honest feedback about the drawbacks of your current setup and provide expert advice on how you can most effectively spend your money, to fulfil the goals of your project.

As mentioned, there many different audiovisual brands and models available on the market, so we would like to briefly discuss some of the key strengths of some of the different systems currently on offer, to help you make an informed choice about the best speaker system for your needs.


Sonos is a hugely popular brand, and for good reason too. The sound quality from their speakers is considered to be significantly better than any other Bluetooth speaker on the market currently. You can connect multiple speakers through Wi-Fi, allowing you to play music throughout the house or office, both inside and out. 

It also has Alexa inbuilt, allowing you to control what’s playing with your voice. There’s also an app or remote control if you prefer. The Sonos speakers offer you a crystal-clear voice quality, that’s unlike any other speaker out there. They are one of our top choices in speaker systems.


Hisense is a well-respected Chinese owned electronics brand with headquarters in Qingdao. Hisense is famous for manufacturing some of the best technology products sold around the world, including air conditioners, washing machines and televisions.

Hisense recently released a LED TV which is equipped with some of the most incredible wireless speakers seen on the market. Purchasing a product with inbuilt speakers can offer excellent value for money without forgoing quality. It also simplifies the setup significantly. Their system also allows for Bluetooth connectivity, so if you’re working with a smaller space then this may be an option that’s well worth considering. 


We can’t write an article about sound systems without mentioning Sony. Sony is a Japanese brand with a strong reputation within the audiovisual space. Their speakers offer incredible sound quality at very affordable prices. The Sony SRX-XB31 is one of the most famous portable wireless speakers in the Sony range. It is known for its powerful base and breathtaking sound quality. If you are looking at installing a sound system within your home or office, it’s worth considering the range than Sony has on offer.


Bose is an American manufacturing company that primarily sells audio equipment. Bose is committed to continual improvement and innovation with all of the products in its range and is its speaker systems are highly regarded by many in the audio industry. It has a collaborative approach to business and invites investors, engineers, and entrepreneurs to regularly present their ideas to fuel further innovation. Like many of the other brands mentioned, Bose allows you to connect multiple speakers within the one WiFi network. This means you can enjoy your favourite music without having to connect an audio source like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The system allows you to stream internet radio, your digital music library or any online music source you have access to via Wi-Fi.  

One of the things that makes this system stand out is that you can also connect to the SoundTouch speaker via Bluetooth should your Wi-Fi go down. You can also choose to purchase additional SoundTouch devices, which will allow you to play different music across different areas of the house or office environment. Bose allows you to connect up to four different SouthTouch devices wirelessly, and you can connect more, via an ethernet cable if needed. Every speaker and soundbar in the Bose Smart Home Family is also engineered with built-in voice control powered by Google, giving you ultimate control of your system without the need to leave your seat.

Compared to other brands on the market, Bose products come with a hefty price tag, so it’s important to have a look at all your options before deciding which system is right for you. That said, the sound quality is incredible, and the speakers are much smaller in size, compared to many of their competitors, offering a point of difference which might suits the unique needs of your project.


Yamaha also has a fantastic reputation within the audiovisual market. Their music system allows you to connect multiple speakers to the Wi-Fi network within your home or office. What makes Yamaha unique is that it’s also able to communicate with a wide variety of devices. 

This means you aren’t limited to connecting with wireless speakers and soundbars, you’ll also be able to link to MusicCast-enabled AV receivers, stereo receivers, streaming amplifiers, multi-room streaming amplifiers, subwoofers, and turntables. The ecosystem can connect up to 34 players and through the BluOS Controller App for your smart device, you can play your music in perfect sync, or play different music simultaneously. This means you can allow your teenager to pump tunes on the deck, whilst soft piano tunes are playing in the nursery. This becomes incredibly useful within office environments or healthcare clinics where you need the capability to play different music throughout the building.  

The other big advantage of Yamaha is it allows you to play music from a wide range of different sources. You can stream internet radio, download hi-resolution tracks, or access a carefully cultivated CD library with a single system. You can also control what’s playing through voice commands, with the help of Google Assistant.

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Installing speakers is easy but can be difficult if you are not familiar with the technology. As the number of devices increases then the complexity of installation also increases dramatically. Professional audio visual installation will ensure that the speakers aren’t damaged during the process of installation and that things work the first time around, allowing you to enjoy fantastic sound right away. Ryve is experienced in managing the installation of all types of audiovisual equipment. Ryve manages everything from television mounts to speaker installation, lighting, hidden wiring, and electronic hubs.

We have highly trained professionals equipped with the best tools, and we will install your speakers in no time and make sure that you get the quality which you desire. 

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